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history , conservation and musings

By mass iron is the most common element on earth. The earliest iron turned into useful objects had fallen from the sky as meteoric iron.

Over time different cultures established how to convert iron ores into various forms of iron - cast iron, wrought iron and carbon steels with a myriad of alloys for different purposes. This website covers architectural and ornamental ironwork from around the world and is intended as a source of information for those interested in the subject. 

If you are looking for my books on history and conservation you will find links on this website. The internet is wonderful but unfortunately it tends to perpetuate myths - I hope to challenge some of them here.

About me.

I am a researcher, historian and technical specialist in historic metalwork and structures with thirty years experience. I am Director  for Scotland's national heritage body, caring for some of Scotland's most treasured places. I have researched, lectured, taught and provided advice to historic ironwork projects across the world.

Dr David S Mitchell MSc 

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