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The mysterious Scottish Engineer - photographer

Not regular ironwork fare today but iron related......

Some months back I saw a portfolio of photographs for sale at an auction - the historic engineering aspect was interesting - as were the photographs themselves - they were taken by someone with a good photographic eye and told the story of a mystery Scot who seemed to have worked overseas. I have scanned the original photos and cleaned them up.

With some research I have been able to identify some of the locations in the photographs but the people remain a mystery. Our man is the moustache'd gent on the left.

What I can glean from the album - He may have been called W C Dickie - there is a photo marked such. That is a little weird because I have relatives called Dickie living in East Lothian around the same period but that would just be too strange......... I have Images of him in Scotland shooting at Redfordgreem nr Selkirk, postcards of Beith, Largs and Millport, Condorrat School, trips on a Paddlesteamer to Rothesay. He also worked on Railroad construction in Nebraska I think before California - Crete and Havelock. His 'home' pictures are somewhere in the Central belt and if I had to guess West Coast down into Ayrshire by the stone used and detailing.

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